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Debate in Scottish Parliament backing A Model For Scotland

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

On 3 November 2021, members of the Scottish Parliament debated a motion proposed by Elena Whitham MSP to back a A Model For Scotland and reform prostitution laws.

The motion - 'A Model for Scotland, the Campaign for Prostitution Law Reform in Scotland' - calls on the Scottish Government "to ensure that the burden of criminality shifts from the victims of sexual exploitation to those who perpetrate and profit from this abuse." Read the full motion here.

Members of the Scottish Parliament from across the political spectrum spoke powerfully on the urgent need to reform Scotland's outdated and unjust prostitution laws. Read a transcript of the debate here.

Watch MSPs debate the motion below:

Elena Whitham MSP's opening speech:

Rhoda Grant MSP:

Gillian Martin MSP:

Jackie Dunbar MSP:

Jamie Greene MSP:

John Mason MSP:

Evelyn Tweed MSP:

Ash Regan MSP, the Minister for Community Safety, responded:

Please write to your MSP to ask them to support A Model For Scotland.


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