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MSPs: international efforts to combat sexual exploitation pave the way for a model for Scotland

On 18 January 2024, Members of the Scottish Parliament took part in a parliamentary debate calling on the Scottish Government to learn from other countries’ experiences in combatting commercial sexual exploitation and to implement progressive prostitution law reform in Scotland.

The debate was instigated by a motion tabled by Ruth Maguire MSP, titled ‘International Insights, A Model for Scotland’.

The motion stated: “..[A Model for Scotland’s International Insights report] highlights important findings related to what Scotland can learn from international efforts to combat commercial sexual exploitation; further considers that, whilst the Scottish Government recognises prostitution as a form of violence against women, and has committed to develop a model for Scotland to challenge men’s demand for prostitution, it is currently legal in Scotland to perpetrate and profit from prostitution, and that victims receive sanctions rather than support...; believes that Scotland’s approach to tackling sex trafficking and sexual exploitation can build on the experiences and learning of other countries, and notes the view that Scotland must join the growing number of countries taking action to combat commercial sexual exploitation by ensuring that the new model for Scotland criminalises paying for sex, decriminalises and provides support to women involved in the sex trade and holds pimping websites accountable. > Read the full motion

> Watch Members of the Scottish Parliament speak about the urgent need for Scotland to follow the example of international partners who have taken action to combat commercial sexual exploitation through progressive prostitution law reform.

Ruth Maguire MSP:

Ivan McKee MSP:

Tess White MSP:

Rhoda Grant MSP:

Ash Regan MSP:

Michelle Thomson MSP:

Siobhian Brown MSP, Minister for Victims and Community Safety:


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